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Antique prints Amsterdam is the only one in Amsterdam that specializes in real etching but also replica prints.

Besides old prints can also find an etching, art-deco, maps and some postcards.

There is also a wide selection of antique prints. Both etching Amsterdam, plants, flora, fauna and some medical prints etc. The prints can soon be found in our webshop.

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Prints of Amsterdam

In the nostalgic shop at the flower market in Amsterdam, you can shop at your convenience and most importantly find what you are NOT looking for. The best Vogue covers and surprises that you would not encounter. While searching on internet We are convinced that this is the strength of the store.

We sell our old prints and antique prints framed or pass Partout. Under the heading you will find contact details.

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Vladimir Novak is one of our artists

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Thematic maps

Special maps in alll kind of prints

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England, which supports itself, foams with rage, and nearly forgets Ireland, which it keeps on the leash. Spain smokes, relies on Portugal. France repels the invasions of Prussia, which stretches one hand to the Netherlands and the other to Austria.  That is why Italy turns to Bismarck and says: ‘rush thyself away from there.’ Corsica and Sardinia, a true Gavroche, who laughs at everything.  Denmark, who lost both legs in Holstein, wishes to get them back. European Turkey yawns and awakens. Asian Turkey collects the smoke of its narghilé. Sweden does panther leaps. Russia resembles a savage, who have desired to fill.