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Large collection antique prints Amsterdam

Etchings, old prints, Art Deco, maps and reproductions. We own a large professional collection, beautifully cut in Passe Partout or in luxury frame

Our old prints

Large collection of old prints of Amsterdam, animals, plants, buildings, estates and city views

Old prints,… We own a large collection of old prints from the Netherlands, Amsterdam or other cities. Beautifully cut in Passe-Partout or in a luxury frame.

Example prints

  • old lithos
  • old flower print
  • Quail on the moor print
  • Old skeleton lithos
  • Old fish poster
  • European symbolic map
  • Old bird print
  • Baby in belly image
  • The canals in Amsterdam picture
  • Litho Europe map with countries like animals

What defines as an old print?

Images transmitted by a form of pressure technique using materials that function as a template, such as a sieve, or a plate and block. Use the word ‘imprint’ when referring to an individual image formed by the pressure techniques. Use the word ‘reproduction print’ when referring to the prints made of painted or drawn objects.

Are you looking for an antique or old print?

It is also possible to order:

Old prints from the period of the seventeenth century until the late nineteenth century. Originals from various subjects including Amsterdam, copper engravings, later made on steel. Images: maps, city views, botanic prints, anatomy and flora and fauna. Made by artists such as:

  • Fouguet copper engraving,
  • Terwen stick engraving,
  • Hekking lithography or stoneprints.

Antique Prints has 600 different old prints in stock.